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Empowering Women Through Beauty: Elizabeth Arden’s Timeless Legacy

In the early 20th century, Elizabeth Arden emerged as a revolutionary female entrepreneur, navigating a landscape where women were yet to secure the right to vote. Her remarkable journey not only defied societal norms but also played a pivotal role in redefining beauty standards. As a pioneer in the cosmetics industry, Elizabeth Arden not only built a global business empire but also left an indelible mark by establishing an entire industry. Let’s delve into the extraordinary legacy of this ultimate influencer who believed in empowering women through beauty.

Breaking Barriers and Setting Standards:

Elizabeth Arden defied conventions on every level, introducing a scientific approach to skincare formulations. She introduced groundbreaking beauty products such as eye makeup, bold red lipstick, and cult classics like Eight Hour Cream – the first multipurpose beauty product. Arden was an innovator, being the first to launch sample and travel-sized cosmetics and establishing the concept of the “makeover.”

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Innovations and Empowerment:

Elizabeth Arden was a firm believer in reinvention and innovation, constantly pushing the limits of what beauty could be. Her commitment to empowering women was evident in her efforts to create a personal inner strength derived from feeling truly beautiful and confident. Today, Elizabeth Arden’s vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to supporting and celebrating women remains a driving force and a continued source of inspiration.

Early Advocacy for Women’s Rights:

Arden’s commitment to women’s empowerment extended beyond the realm of beauty. In 1912, she became an early advocate for women’s rights by providing red lipsticks to suffragettes whilst marching down Fifth Avenue for equality. This act, at a time when wearing red lipstick was socially unconventional, became a powerful symbol of the women’s movement—a symbol that endures as an icon of female power to this day. 

The March On Campaign: 

In a powerful continuation of Arden’s legacy, the March On campaign was introduced in partnership with Reese Witherspoon, the brand’s Storyteller-in-Chief and female advocate. The program celebrates women’s achievements, encourages mutual support, and includes a pledge to donate $1 million to UN Women, advancing women’s issues globally. The limited edition March On red lipstick serves as a symbolic gesture of unity and advocacy, inviting women worldwide to express solidarity. 

A Call to Action:

“Founded by a woman dedicated to helping women, we are inspired by our history to help change the future,” explains Kara Langan, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Elizabeth Arden. The March On campaign not only honours Arden’s benevolent legacy but also calls on women to unite and help each other reach their full potential. By creating female-centric support systems and propelling each other in their professional lives, women standing together can enact transformative change in the world. 

A Continuing Legacy:

In conclusion, Elizabeth Arden’s legacy is one of empowerment, innovation, and unwavering support for women. She set high standards before women even had the right to vote, recognising the inherent power women possess when given the chance to unapologetically be themselves. As we celebrate Elizabeth Arden’s enduring impact, let us be inspired to continue her mission of empowering women through beauty and fostering positive change in the world.

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